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10 ways to add wellness into your branding and your business

By Jessica Alex

Are you a wellness expert or owner of a wellness brand? It’s important as a wellness brand to add wellness into your branding, as well as incorporating it into your business practices. Why? For starters, a wellness brand should be purpose- and values-driven. Secondly, as a wellness brand you are providing a product or service that helps people to prioritize their health and wellbeing and have a more healthy lifestyle, and that should be reflected in your own business.

Do you remember when Uncle Ben told Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man), “With great power comes great responsibility”? Well, this applies to you too! As a wellness brand owner you have the great responsibility of incorporating wellness throughout your business. Scroll down to learn more about how you can do just that.

Part I: Incorporating wellness into your branding (and Marketing)

A lot goes into what you do and making an effort to serve your target audience. Before even being able to serve your target audience in this highly competitive market, it’s important to grab people’s attention amidst all the noise. A great way to do that is by conveying wellness through your branding to help attract your wellness audience.

Here are 5 ways you can add wellness into your branding:

1. Incorporate wellness into your brand values

This is key because your core brand values are foundational to your branding and marketing (and your business overall). Your core brand values is at the heart of what your brand stands for. As a wellness brand, wellness should be a part of your values.

2. Add wellness into your brand messaging

Your brand messaging is strongly connected to your brand values. Incorporate wellness into your communications, and make wellness a factor in how you communicate (for example, communicating from a place of empathy).

3. Offer wellness tips to your audience through your content

Add wellness tips to your content plan. You can share these wellness tips through social media, blogs, newsletters, podcasts –– the list goes on. What it comes down to is adding value to your audience and helping to reinforce the lifestyle that aligns with your core brand values.

4. Add wellness words of wisdom to your packaging

How clever would it be to add some wellness tips or words of wisdom to your packaging? This would show intentionality and could be very meaningful to the type of consumer you are trying to attract.

5. Use branding colours and imagery associated with wellness

Colour psychology is a real thing, and it applies here, too. Incorporate intentional colours, graphics and imagery into your branding that relate strongly to wellness. A wellness aesthetic can help with attracting your ideal clients.

Part II: Incorporating wellness practices into your business

As an entrepreneur many of us wear many hats, and with all the responsibility on our shoulders, it’s devastatingly easy to allow your own wellness to fall to the wayside. As an owner of a conscious or wellness brand, it’s also important to practice what you preach –– and to put your oxygen mask on first, which means if you are selling wellness you should be practicing wellness as well.

Here are 5 ways you can add wellness into your business:

1. Make sure you’re moving throughout the day

Sitting is the new smoking,” meaning that if you remain sedentary for too long it can impact your health negatively.

Some conditions that have been linked to too much sitting include:

  • An increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer [1]

  • Negative impact on your mental health, such as depression and anxiety [2]

If you find that your work has you sitting a lot throughout the day, schedule reminders throughout the day to stop and stretch your body or go for walks.

2. Incorporate more socializing into your business

Get back into the habit of networking or attending events. Not only is networking good for your business, it’s another way to find your people. Entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely road at times. Find people you can connect and relate with on your journey.

3. Create a schedule and set boundaries

Be intentional with your time and create more structure. For instance, get out of the habit of being ‘on call’ all of the time, unless you’re a doctor or something. Set boundaries with your clients, but especially with yourself! For example, you don’t have to check your emails every minute of the day. Set specific times to take care of certain tasks.

4. Incorporate more fun into your business

Running a business is well, serious business, but it doesn’t always have to be! Have some fun and try to incorporate fun activities into your day. Play music while you work or host fun activities with your audience or customers.

5. Incorporate more breaks

How many times have you been guilty of working without taking breaks? Please. Take. Breaks. Drink water, do breathing exercises, stop to have a healthy meal and snacks, too. Do whatever you need to, to take care of you and put your wellbeing first.


As an owner of a wellness brand, add wellness into your branding and business as much as possible. This will lead to benefits for yourself and for the people that you serve.



1. Laskowski, Edward R. (M.D.) "What are the risks of sitting too much?" Mayo Clinic.

2. Austin, Daryl. "Feeling anxious and depressed? Sit less and move more, study says." Today. Dec. 17, 2021.


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