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How can you be authentic with planned content?

By Jessica Alex

Most people enjoy and appreciate seeing authenticity amidst all the noise on social media.

“The only voice that's heard in social media is an authentic one.” — Amanda Houck

However, sometimes content creators can confuse being “authentic” with being “raw.”

Perhaps you don’t plan your content in advance because you worry about being inauthentic in doing so. Here are ways that you can remain authentic while still planning ahead!

1. Show your personality.

Planning your content in advance should not stiffen your personality. If you are fun and bubbly, let that come through. If you’re more serious, show that side. If you are a serious person who hardly cracks a joke, don’t come on social media showing a perky, comedic personality because you think that’s what your followers will like. Just be yourself and you will find your tribe regardless!

2. Use your real voice.

Use your words in your caption to let the real you shine through. Same thing for video, show your personality (like my previous point states)! Planning ahead should not affect your voice.

3. Cover topics that you actually care about.

Whether it be a social issue, or a certain type topic related to lifestyle (e.g. health and fitness, wellness etc.) if you want to be authentic, it should be something that you are interested in or vested in in some shape or form.

4. Showcase activities that you actually do.

This is so key! Don’t get caught up doing activities that you don’t actually do just because you think it will look good for the ‘gram! When planning a photo shoot, for example, focus on capturing moments doing things you actually do.

Real life backlash from being unauthentic:

A journalist was fired last month after she was caught on video pretending to board up a business just for the ‘gram.

Also there was an influencer who received a lot of backlash online after getting caught on video posing with a Black Lives Matter sign. The controversy was that she showed up to a protest with her own professional photographer, and instead of actually marching, she would jump in, get her photo taken in the crowd and then jump back out.


As long as the real you shows up, you can still plan ahead. Focus on creating content that allows you to exhibit the real you, just in a curated way.


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