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Branding Services
*NEW* Mini Brand Audit

This small, but mighty service offers up big results for your brand. If you're feeling stuck and need a perspective from the outside looking in, this is the place to start.

The Mini Brand Audit includes:

  • A 30-minute initial consultation call

  • Reviewing your brand visuals

  • Reviewing your brand messaging

  • Reviewing your target audience

  • Providing a PDF document that includes my assessment of your branding, and expertise on what needs to be adjusted and actionable steps to take.

This service is:

$500 plus applicable taxes

Brand Guide

Need a detailed brand guide that will help to set the tone and elevate your brand? The customized brand guide will help with creating a consistent aesthetic, message and tone for your brand across all platforms and mediums. Consistency in your branding will aid in brand recognition, which leads to brand loyalty.

This foundational piece for your brand is:

$1,500 plus applicable taxes

Brand Imaging & Visuals

Ready to get visual? We’ll help you build your brand image to attract your ideal customers.


A consistent aesthetic will help you bring in the right clients and in building brand recognition. Creating brand visuals that give you that wow factor is our thing.

Brand Image Consulting 

Brand image consulting starts at $1,000 plus applicable taxes

- and includes 1:1 consultation calls

- target audience research

- and a brand mood board

To bring your brand image to life with content creation, check out our content creation packages here.

Brand Refresh

If your branding has reached its peak, and you're ready to zap new life into it, it may be time for a brand refresh. We'll look at your brand and help you pinpoint where you can make updates to liven your brand up. This service includes 1:1 consulting, brand colours, a mood board, and if applicable, an updated logo and new fonts.

Depending on the scope of your brand refresh, the pricing starts at:

$1500 plus applicable taxes & up

*NEW* Branding & Marketing Strategy Session

This service is perfect for brands that need clarity so that they can level up. If you've been going in circles and not receiving your desired results, or you're confused by all the competing advice out there, it's time for customized advice based on your specific brand. This is why the Branding & Marketing Strategy Session was created. This service will help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to create an impactful and intentional brand that attracts the clients your brand needs. 

The Branding & Marketing Strategy Session includes:

  • A 4-hour intensive virtual session

  • A Mini Brand Audit

  • Reviewing and Assessing your current marketing initiatives

  • Reviewing your competition

  • A SWOT Analysis (looking at your brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)

  • Customized marketing, branding and PR advice based on your brand needs

  • PDF Document reviewing our session notes and suggestions

This service is:

$3,000 plus applicable taxes

Have questions about which service is the right fit for your brand? Send us an email or book a complimentary consultation.

Need more than branding services? Check out our new 360 Marketing services to see if it's the right fit for your brand needs.

Note: all prices are quoted in Canadian dollars

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