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Ashley-Ann Pereira - What She Said! (December 2018)

Tina Ware - Hashtag – Vibe 105.5fm (August 2018)

Jessica Alex Marketing - Business Beetle (July 2018)

Jessica Alex Marketing/Upon A Star Books - The Edge: A Leader's Magazine (June 2018)

Ashley-Ann Pereira - (June 2018)

Shaista Pabla - EFTO Voice (June 2018)

Terence Wallis - Snapd Vaughan (June 2018)

Terence Wallis - Snapd Vaughan (May 2018) 

Brooke D. - Jamaica Gleaner (May 2018)

Terence Wallis - Ora Qui [CHIN TV/OMNI TV] (May 2018)

Terence Wallis - Ora Qui [CHIN TV/OMNI TV] (May 2018)

Terence Wallis - The Johnny Lombardi Show [CHIN TV/City TV] (April 2018)

Tina Ware - The Patrick O Morris Show (April 2018) 

Brooke D. - Self Love Supply Podcast (April 2018)

Brooke D. - Toronto Caribbean News (March 2018)

Ashley-Ann Pereira - The Patrick O Morris Show (January 2018)

Brooke D. - USA Weekly (January 2018)



Enza Carnide - The Lizy T Show (Nov 2017)

Laura Bilotta - The Lizy T Show (Nov 2017)

Enza Carnide - Snapd Queen (Oct 2017)

Laura Bilotta - Ready for Love Podcast (Oct 2017)

Laura Bilotta - Canadian Small Business Women (Sept 2017)

Laura Bilotta - The Set Up TV (Aug 2017)

Jessica Alex - CBC Radio (July 2017)

Angelot Ndongmo - CBC Radio (July 2017)

Laura Bilotta - Snapd Burlington (May 2017)

Laura Bilotta - Snapd Queen (May 2017)

Laura Bilotta - Snapd North Mississauga (April 2017)

Peta-Gaye Nash - Vanessa + Melissa Show (Jan 2017)


Upon A Star Books Inc - Bloor West Villager (Dec 2016)

Peta-Gaye Nash - Lizy T Radio Show (Nov 2016)

Peta-Gaye Nash - The Dr. Vibe Show (Nov 2016)

Virginia Presseault - York Guardian (Nov 2016)

Virginia Presseault - Chick Lit Central (Sept 2016)

Peta-Gaye Nash - Book Time Blog, (Sept 2016)

Peta-Gaye Nash - The Local View (Sept 2016)

Virginia Presseault - Lizy T Radio Show (July 2016)

Virginia Presseault - Book Time Blog, Inside Toronto (June 2016)

Angelot Ndongmo - The Dr. Vibe Show (June 2016)

Angelot Ndongmo - Phenomenal African Woman (May 2016)

Angelot Ndongmo - (Toronto, May 2016)

Angelot Ndongmo - Canadian Small Business Women (February 2016)

Angelot Ndongmo - Jamaica Gleaner (December 2016)

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Upon A star books inc.



Mutendei Nabutete - The Lizy T Show (March 2015)

Mutendei Nabutete - Community Contact (Montreal, March 2015)

Terence Wallis - Snapd Queen (Toronto, April 2015)

Terence Wallis – DayTime Toronto (Toronto, April 2015)

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta - The Dr. Vibe Show (March 2015)

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta - Toronto Relationships (Toronto, March 2015)

Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta - Community Contact (Montreal, February 2015)



​Yvonne Ruke Akpoveta - Daytime Toronto (Toronto, Dec 2014)

Mutendei Nabutete - The Lizy T Radio Show (October 2014)

Khalilah Brooks - Nikki Clarke Show (Toronto, July 2014)

Khalilah Brooks - All Access Pass: Rogers TV Mississauga (Toronto, June 2014)

Khalilah Brooks - Snap Downtown Toronto (Toronto, November 2014)

Khalilah Brooks - The Dr. Vibe Show (Toronto, July 2014)

Khalilah Brooks - Canadian Small Business Women (Toronto, June 2014)



The Caribbean Camera (Toronto, April 2013)

Community Contact (Montreal, March 2013)

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Aunty B (Khalilah Brooks) Tour
Aunty B (Khalilah Brooks) Tour
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Terence Book Signing
Terence Book Signing
Terence Book Signing
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Laura Book Signing
Laura Book Signing
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Enza Book Signing
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