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3 Social Media Branding Tips for Authors

Written by Contributor Brooke Dixon

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With Canada Book Day (April 23rd) just passing, social media specialist Brooke Dixon offers 3 strategies for authors marketing their books.


Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools within the past 5-8 years. Businesses and influencers of all kinds are using social media to increase their overall brand awareness and marketing ROI. It is truly a beneficial system to help anyone achieve success through another platform. However, if you’re not comprehensive of how social media works or knowledgeable of the methods to use for success, then you may not reap the benefits of the different platforms.

Authors, here are 3 solid strategies you can apply to help you market your books.

Unique Voice

This applies to all brands in any genre. Having a unique voice is key. Unique brands appear different from the rest and gives their current and potential audiences something specific they can look forward to. A unique brand is good because it narrows down your niche which helps to determine your specific audience. For Authors, figure out what your specific theme, topic, and/or niche is. For example, if your books are always similar or in the same Romance genre, then your niche may be romance. If you’re an author who writes a variety of books, then figure out what your personal brand is – it could be a Motivational Speaker, a Holistic Coach, a Sales Coach, etc. Once you have determined your brand, create consistent posts that represents your brand.

Know Your Audience

This part should be analyzed during your writing process or before you even finish your book. Knowing who your audience is, is very important because it helps you tailor your marketing strategies, content creation, and requirements. What is the age bracket? What are their interests? Where are they from? What posts do they like more from you? What posts do they least like? When do they engage with you the most? Research your market as best as you can. You’ll analyze more as you market on social media and see what works and what doesn’t. Also, if you haven’t already, begin to pay attention to the insights. They will help you determine the basic analytics of your social media marketing.

Consistent Content

Lastly, once you know your unique voice and your audience, you should begin to keep your brand voice and posting consistent on your platforms. For Authors to build awareness is just like any business or influencer. You need to post good, high quality, and branded content. In my opinion, how often you should post depends on your brand and audience. However, check out what CoSchedule put together about the amount of posts recommended per platform. I like their article because even if you are too “busy” to stay consistent on social media, it still provides the basic amount of posts you can make, for example, they recommend 1 post per day on Facebook. That should take you no more than 5-10 minutes. Another great way to create great content for social media that engages your audience are videos. As Authors, you have a voice that not many do. Create videos to talk about your branding, your books, your writing opportunities, share stories, helpful advice, etc.

Need social media help? Contact Jessica Alex to discuss your social media marketing goals.

Brooke Dixon is a social media specialist and the founder of The Social Lily.


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