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Client Spotlight: Rena’e Thomas-James of Take Me Away Essentials

Written by Jessica Alex

Here at Jessica Alex Marketing, we want to see our clients shine! Our first Client Spotlight features Rena’e Thomas-James, founder of Take Me Away Essentials. My team and I have had the pleasure of working with Rena’e, creating video and photo content for her brand. I am truly excited about what she has in store and where her brand is going. Here is Rena’e’s Client Spotlight.

Rena’e Thomas-James, founder of Take Me Away Essentials
Rena’e Thomas-James, founder of Take Me Away Essentials

So Rena’e, you and I initially had a chance to connect over Instagram. One of the things that really stood out for me was your clean and minimalistic packaging. But let’s take it a step back.

Can you tell everyone about your company and why you started it?

Hello, Jessica. First, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share your platform with you. I truly appreciate it!

Take Me Away Essentials (TMAE) is a botanical-infused hair, bath and body personal care line. Our natural ingredients are specifically selected to provide our customers with deeply effective nourishment for their hair- and skin-care needs. We aim to provide our customers with products of the highest quality that will surpass their expectations, while also meeting their needs. TMAE products are suitable for all ethnic backgrounds, skin colours, curly/textured hair types and a high-quality lifestyle and values. We also take pride in our commitment to a zero tolerance for animal testing. If you have dehydrated, itchy, scaly, dry skin conditions and dry, brittle breaking hair, you may very well want to check out TMAE.

Rena’e Thomas-James
Rena’e Thomas-James

What are some of the techniques you’ve used to increase brand awareness?

TMAE has been increasing its brand reach through the means of social media ads, live chats, video tutorials and interaction with our current and prospective customers.

We will continue to build awareness for our brand by partnering with other brands in alignment with TMAE’s messaging. We are also working toward expanding our retail stock list.

How have your products been received overall?

Our customers have received our products very well.

We hear every so often from various customers that the feel of our products are silky smooth and luxurious, and provide them with the quality and moisture for their hair and skin that they are looking for, but have yet to find on the market.

Take Me Away Essentials’ Citrus Body Oil and Body Butter
Take Me Away Essentials’ Citrus Body Oil and Body Butter.

Model posing with Take Me Away Essentials products
Model used the Vanilla-Almond Body Butter and Body Oil.

Take Me Away Essentials body oils
Take Me Away Essentials offers several body oils.

And what would you say is your best-selling product?

Simultaneously, our best-selling products are:

Coconut-Lime Body Butter: the scent literally takes you to a place of mental ease and relaxation, while leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.

Coconut-lime body oil and body butter
Coconut-Lime Body Oil and Body Butter.

Twist Curl or Sleek Hair Butter: this product penetrates the hair shaft deeply with the aim to retain moisture, while providing nourishment for the hair and leaving it manageable, soft, smooth and healthy.

Twist Curl or Sleek Hair butter results
Model used Twist Curl or Sleek Hair Butter for her braid out hair style.

Where can people go to find out more about your products?

You can find our products at:

Take Me Away Essentials products
Take Me Away Essentials offers various products for hair and skin.

Where can people follow you to keep in touch?

Please reach us at the below links:


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a Take Me Away Essentials’ brand shoot:


All featured photos and the above video were taken by the team at Jessica Alex Marketing at various brand shoots for Rena’e Thomas-James and Take Me Away Essentials.

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