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Learn How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Online

It’s official, my first-ever Master Class is here!

Jessica Alex Marketing - Master Class

It took some time to get it just right for you, but I'm excited to announce that my Master Class is available now, and the topic is: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Online.’

Earlier this year I put out a survey in my Instagram Stories, and 71% of respondents said they do not feel as though their brand stands out. The results spoke for itself. There are a lot of brands who feel like their marketing efforts are going unseen.

In all honesty, the online world can seem like a crowded place, but the truth is, that doesn’t mean your brand can’t stand out from the rest. There really is room for everyone, even if someone else has a 'similar' brand.

The online world can seem like a crowded place, but the truth is, that

doesn’t mean your brand can’t stand out from the rest.

In my first Master Class, I discuss both the theory (the “what”) and the application (the “how”) of how your brand can stand out online by providing you with tactics you can use for your digital marketing.

I discuss:

  • Key marketing terms such as brand awareness and unique selling point and the role they play in helping your brand stand out from the competition;

And I help you to:

  • Understand the ways in which certain tactics, and the assets you already have, can help you to stand out online; and

  • To feel more confident in how to make your brand stand out online.

When you sign-up for the class, you’ll also receive a downloadable worksheet and a recap of the Master Class’s highlights.

This Master Class is just C$97, plus applicable taxes.

And as a BONUS, when you sign-up you’ll also receive:

  • My How to Stand Out on Instagram guide; and

  • My 31 Content Ideas for Instagram guide — absolutely FREE (retail value for both: C$50).

Ready to sign-up?

I also ran a pilot before launching my Master Class, and here's what the participants had to say:

"I like the content a lot and think a lot of people will find value in what you are offering." – Pilot Participant 1

"Over all the course was super informative. I felt that I learnt a lot." – Pilot Participant 2

"The class video content was great! It answered my questions and more. I like that it seems like all the information is directed at me, like a 1-1 meeting. And the guides should make it easy for someone to take action on what they learned right away. Everything is brightly coloured and inviting so I think exactly what you talked about in the video even shows through the guides too. Great job I’m so excited for this to be out!!!!" – Pilot Participant 3

Are you ready for your brand to stand out online? Sign up here!


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