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We Launched "The Entrepreneur Life" – Are You Ready?

At Jessica Alex Marketing it has been a goal of ours to create value. Creating value can be done in various ways. Through networking and social networking, founder Jessica Alex would hear stories from various entrepreneurs; stories with common threads and stories to inspire others to #keepgoing. So we decided to create more value by coming up with a platform for everyday entrepreneurs to share their own stories!

Young entrepreneur working on designs

"The Entrepreneur Life" is a monthly e-newsletter that will feature interviews and stories of entrepreneurs from different industries. The goal is to inspire both entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs on their business journey.

Jessica Alex writes in the first e-newsletter:

"I too am an entrepreneur, and I understand the ebbs and flows of being an entrepreneur – it ain't always easy! So every month, I will feature an interview of a fellow entrepreneur, in different stages of their entrepreneurship. My hope is that you will be able to connect with their stories – and know that you are not alone on this journey!"

Sign up for our e-newsletter "The Entrepreneur Life" here:

And of course, our first interview for "The Entrepreneur Life" with Dwania Peele from Canadian Small Business Women:

If you would like us to feature an entrepreneur that you know, email us at hello[at]jessicaalexmarketing[dot]com.

Links were updated on March 4, 2019


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