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Creating a Last-Minute Holiday Campaign

By Jessica Alex

It’s the time of the year again where businesses typically ramp up their final sales and campaign push before they slow down for the holidays.

And you’ve probably started noticing it since early October. Those other brands posting about their sales and limited edition products, vying to get into people’s pockets early.

And you may be looking at the calendar, and thinking, “Ughhh, it’s November already, and I have nothing planned…again” 😩

If this sounds all too familiar, please don’t be in despair! I have created a special mini-course for you in mind. It’s called the “Creating a Last-Minute Holiday Campaign” and I offer you plenty of promotional ideas to choose from.

In fact, in this mini-course I’ll show you 14 promotional ideas that you can pick and choose from to add to your last-minute campaign, and I will walk you through the components you need to create your own marketing campaign.

Plus as a BONUS, I’ve also included some freebies for you. You’ll receive free holiday-related illustrations (a $495 CAD value), written gift guide templates and written email templates to get you started!

All of this is for just $19 CAD (plus applicable taxes)!

Please note: You will be redirected to Podia where this course is being hosted.

If you’re ready to offer a little something, something for your audience this year, sign-up for this mini-course.

With so many promotional ideas to choose from, now is your opportunity to build your last-minute campaign!

Have questions before signing-up? You can email your questions here! Or you can leave your questions in the comments below ⬇️:


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