Eight Canadian Women Entrepreneurs to Watch

Our 2020 list of female creatives making their mark

By Jessica Alex

Eight Canadian Women Entrepreneurs to Watch 2020 List

For International Women’s Day 2020, we decided to bring back our list of eight Canadian women entrepreneurs who represent different industries and are at the top of their game. These creatives come from different fields, and whether it’s art, beauty, blogging or design, they are either household names — or well on their way.

Brenda Danso – The Designer

Toronto, ON

Interior Designer and Therapist

Brenda Danso
Brenda Danso

Brenda Danso, the designer behind BD Interior Design, is a California native who relocated to Toronto in 2012, following her strong desire to help people design their space to reflect their personal style. Her interior design company is helping entrepreneurs debunk the myth that you need loads of money to have a well-designed space.

A featured designer with the Property Brothers’ online forum Casaza, Brenda is also a content writer for AfroCentric Magazine’s “Home and DIY” section.

When Brenda is not transforming spaces, she is providing mental health counselling through her private practice, DesignTherhappy.

What is the one thing that drives her?

I enjoy beautiful spaces and believe that each space is capable of being transformed. My superpower is that I can walk into a space and immediately visualize how it should be rearranged.
My passion is fulfilled when I create a well-designed space for that mom who is expecting and frantically seeking a special place to bond with her newborn; that entrepreneur who just launched their business and they’re unsure how they can make their office space functional to increase productivity; and that homeowner who lives in their home and they’re not enjoying it. I’m blessed for the opportunity to help people develop a sense of joy and calmness in their life through design and therapy.

Why she’s one to watch: Not only does Brenda have a keen eye for creating functional, eye-captivating spaces for businesses, but she is also a mental health advocate. Her spaces leave a lasting impression on their visitors, so it’s no wonder Brenda was featured on the Property Brothers’ (of HGTV) interior design platform, Casaza, a site that also features advice from industry-leading designers.

To keep up with Brenda, check out her links below: Website: www.brendadanso.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bdinteriordesign/

Brooke Write – The Influencer

Toronto, Ontario

Coach and Public Speaker

Brooke Write
Brooke Write

Brooke Write is passionate about helping entrepreneurs become overcomers and high achievers by intertwining the two worlds of entrepreneurship and well-being.

She focuses on guiding entrepreneurs on the topics of mindset, emotional well-being, spirituality and wellness planning through events, workshops, online classes, public speaking and monthly themed subscriptions.

Through her services, Brooke works with entrepreneurs by teaching them how to manifest success through the alignment and power of their mind, body and spirit, because not only are they co-creating success on their terms, but they are also ensuring that they achieve that success by tapping into all three power sources of human energy.