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Setting Your Intentions for 2021

Goal-setting is crucial. But before you define your business goals, do you know what your intentions are?

By Jessica Alex

Goals are great. I’m all for goals, but I’m also all for the “why.” What are the reasons behind your business goals — and what are the intentions linked to those goals?

As per Collins English Dictionary, “An intention is an idea or plan of what you are going to do.”

But when it comes to your business (and life in general), it’s so much deeper than that.

Intentions “are about who you want to be, what you wish to contribute to the world, and how you choose to touch the lives of others” (Tabaka, 2016).

Intentions are deeply linked to your purpose, and your purpose is what should drive or inspire your goals.

In other words, intention is about the journey, your purpose is the fuel and your goals are the destination.

What’s really great about intentions are that they allow you to be in the moment and enjoy “the journey as much as the destination” (Emerald, 2017).

Some of my main intentions are to use my platform to bring joy, positivity, clarity and knowledge to other entrepreneurs.

My main purpose is to educate and inspire, and both my intentions and my purpose are linked to my goals, such as my goal to launch my podcast, release e-courses and MasterClasses, and grow my platform.

Whether or not my goals are reached by a specific deadline, during the time that I am headed toward my goals, I am able to enjoy the journey and the process while my intentions are carried out.

For instance, as I’m growing my platform, when people find that my content makes them laugh or it brightens their day, or I helped someone figure out the missing piece to the puzzle 🧩, I can enjoy that feeling, instead of just focusing on the increased numbers on social media — or whatever the end goal may be.

In 2021, I encourage you to:

Set your intentions.

Live your purpose.

Achieve your goals.

Are you ready to set your intentions?


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