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Why People Follow You on Instagram

By Jessica Alex

Here are three main reasons why someone will choose to follow you on Instagram.

Because you provide value and/or entertain them

Your followers know that your page comes with tons of valuable information that they can apply to their daily lives.

Entertainment can come in different forms. Maybe your followers just really like the images you produce, or your quotes resonate with them, or they find your videos funny, or they enjoy following your authentic journey along the way. Whatever type of entertainment you provide, remember that people like and want to be entertained.

Because your brand message is clear

When people check out your page, they know what you are offering, they know what you're about.

So here's the key, whether your page provides value or entertainment, or both, if you want to grow and maintain the followers you have, you must be very clear on what you are providing.

When you start to veer off, or your page isn't clear on what you are providing or selling, you can actually run the risk of losing followers. So stick to your niche and keep your page consistent.

Because you are engaging

When you are responsive to comments and DMs, and when you like, comment and interact on other pages, and you use various Instagram tools, like Stories and Lives to engage with your followers, it attracts others to your account.

Always remember the "social" is social media and you will be successful!


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